Model P-75C
Capacity 10 – 75 mm
10 – 54 mm
10 – 54 mm
Blade Motor 7.5 kW
Hydraulic Pump Motor 1.5 kW
Servo Motor Blade Feed 1.5 kW
Bar Feed 1 kW
Third Vise (Opt.) 1 kW
Blade Speed 50 – 200 rpm
Saw Blade Size (T:Kerf t:Thickness) Standard blade Ø 285 x T2.0 x 1.75t mm
Thin kerf blade (Opt.) Ø 285 x T1.5 x 1.25t mm
Blade Feed Servo Motor and Ball Screw
Bar Feed Servo Motor and Ball Screw
Automatic Feed Length Single Feed 8 – 600 mm
Multiple Feed – 3000 mm
Automatic Chip Conveyor Scraper Type
Cooling Air Compressed Oil Mist
Machine Weight with Table 3200 kgs
Loading Table (W x L) 1200 mm x 5200 mm
Floor Space (mm) Machine 2700 W x 1900 L
Machine with Loading Table 2700 W x 6835 L

Friendly and easy to operate touch screen.
Accurate length index device, drive by servomotor and ball screw.
Hydraulic clamped front & vertical vises.
Floating shuttle device.
Hydraulic sorting chute.
Scraper, chain type chip conveyor
Saw head feed system via servo motor and ball screw.
Oil mist cooling system.
Infinitely variable blade speed controlled by inverter.
Automatic loading table (6M) only for round bar.
Saw blade 2 pcs.
Power driven wire brush
Transmission belt x 1 set.
Cutting mist oil 5 gallons.
One set of tools and tool box.


Air Filter.
Variable vise pressure for tube cutting.
Air blow device for tube cutting.
Cutting fluid coolant system.