Model HW450/650II
Capacity 90° 490 mm
650 x 450 mm (W x H)
±45° 390 mm
390 x 420 mm (W x H)
-60° 260 mm
260 x 420 mm (W x H)
Blade Speed 20 ~ 100 m/min
Blade Size 7200 x 41 x 1.3 mm
Motor Blade 3.7 kW (5 HP)
Hydraulic Pump 1.5 kW (2 HP)
Oil Mist 180 W (1/4 HP)
Wire Brush 90 W (1/8HP)
Blade Tension Hydraulic
Angle Swivel Powerful with LED Display
Table Height 890 mm
Vise Clamping Type Hydraulic (Full Stroke)
Machine Weight 4500 kgs
Floor Space ( W x D) 3500 x 3200 mm

Ampere-meter and protecting detector for saw blade.
Bi-direction angle cutting, -60° ~ 90° ~ 45°
Lifting cylinder for both column.
Feed pressure compensation unit.
Hydraulic blade tension.
PLC control for all electric and hydraulic functions.
Infinitely variable blade speed control by inverter.
Vertical clamping device.
Full stroke vise clamping system.
Movable guide arm moves on linear guide way, moving with vise.
Powered angle setting with displayer.
Independent electric cabinet and control panel.
Roller bearing carbide blade guide system with Hydraulic clamped.
Idler wheel motion detector with blade stalling and breakage shut-off.
Projection light. (Laser light)
Automatic chip conveyor.
Cutting lubrication by oil mist.
One M42 bi-metal saw blade.
One set of tools and tools box.


Dead roller table, 2 M long.
Out of square detector.